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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

My attempt to be as cool as this car

I am Autumn Wright, and I am 23 years old. Happily married for over 3 years now to a wonderful guy named Anthony. When you meet us we normally say " just remember we're A & A." I'm not really one for talking about myself so hopefully I don't make this more awkward than I feel right now, but anyway. I was born in Pensacola, FL, then moved to Brewton, AL when I was ten years old. We stayed there till I got married at 19 ( Yes I know I'm semi-crazy for that but I fell in love!) and January 2019 we moved to where we are now in Daphne, AL.

I have been a professional photographer for 4 years now, I started getting my degree a few years back and am now certified in Light-room and Photoshop. I'm always wanting to improve and learn so I aim to continue growing my abilities however I can get it.

Seeing and helping so many couples on their happiest day brings me the greatest joy.

The nerves right before the ceremony and seeing the groom cry, the siblings speeches and first dances that bring tears to my eyes. Then there's a massive party that happens after everyone eats and its honestly what I live for. That constant energy I get from the room and at the same time I'm making art, my art, plus I'm creating lasting memories for this couple. Memories they will never make again. And the fact they have trusted me with that responsibility warms my heart.

Being a professional photographer isn't just "taking pictures" like people think. There's SO MUCH involved. SO MUCH. There's lighting to figure out like - is it outside, will it be sunny or rainy, what lenses do I need, you have to test shoot and prep the camera.. and the list goes on. For real its a long list...feel free to ask me and I'll email you my 5,000 page rant on the matter! Anyway, my point is that its a big responsibility and I take that very seriously. I have an itemized plan that I have prepared, I ask ahead of time the names of ever one in the wedding and then I get a sample image list out. A lot of times I take pictures before the guests eat, they wait on the couple, so if I take forever we end up with a disaster. I like to know ahead of time if they want a special picture with your uncle bob or cousin holly. That way I know how much time I need and things go simple and smooth.

I've recently started bringing my little Bluetooth speaker with me to play music or a comedian while I take the formals. I feel like it eases everyone's mind.

Now you know my process and a bit more about who I am, and what I'm about. Questions? Email me! Fill out the "Lets Talk" form on my home page to start the experience!

Love - Autumn ( Your wedding day bestie )

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